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Bouquet Essentials

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*NOTE - If you already own Bouquet Bootcamp® Online, the training below is already included in your course!

Curious about Bouquet Bootcamp® but not ready to dive in yet? 

You can now get access to "Bouquet Essentials", a 2 hour training from my full Bouquet Bootcamp course. You’ll get the core components to my bouquet-design process so you can create your own gorgeous garden gathered loose and airy bouquets. Kinda like the CliffNotes of bouquet making 😀

Bouquet Essentials is designed to give you fast results that you can build on quickly. 

You’ll master my approach to  the highly versatile and must have Spiral Method and gain a solid understanding of some core foundational elements and their applications in design. This step-by-step series of recorded demos breaks down my process for building and editing your work in minutes, not hours!

Perfect for anyone aiming to refine their work, Bouquet Essentials will transform your approach, making your bouquet-making more efficient and consistent in your results. No more surprises or second-guessing! 

You’ll stop overstuffing, breaking stems, and over greening…and ultimately save time, materials, and costs. 

Explore "Bouquet Essentials" as a standalone experience or as a stepping stone to the full Bouquet Bootcamp® mastery at Bouquet Bootcamp.

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Customer Reviews

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Lynn Darby

Very detailed and educational!


This is a great course by Amy for any one seeking to learn and arrange vey unique bouquets!


Wow! I learned so much!

Kalle O.

Loved that I got to sample this course. Im definitely sold and have learned so much already. Can't wait to dive into Bouquet Bootcamp!!'


Best training Ive taken on floral design. Hands down.'