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Color Theory Confidence

Color Theory Confidence

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Color is the language of emotions in floristry, and knowing how to harness its power is what sets great designers apart. Color Theory Confidence is designed for those who want to master the art of color in their work. 

I’ve ditched the drab color lectures on theory and created colorful visuals and loaded up on flower examples to show you how I work through color challenges to create successful palettes, every time! 

This course is my ‘color bank of knowledge’. In it, I share everything I know about topics ranging from temperature and saturation to proportion and stem placement. But what has been truly surprising is the feedback on how much easier it is to communicate about color with their clients. 

You’ll gain practical strategies for creating palettes and choosing stems, but also the language and efficient steps for setting yourself up with every client. From planning with mood boards and identifying varieties and substitutions, you’ll see how I create my palettes before even touching a flower.

This course gives you foundational knowledge to guide you through the common challenges we face with flowers in design (and growing, too!), but also the confidence to take more risks and step out of your “color comfort zone”. 

Color Theory Confidence is ideal for any florist designer, flower farmer or floral enthusiast, looking to refine their craft, attract their ideal clients, and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Whether you're working on a romantic wedding bouquet or a vibrant seasonal arrangement, you’ll get the tools to choose your perfect palette every time. If you're eager to elevate your designs and become a true color connoisseur, this course is your next step.

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Customer Reviews

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This course was an absolute game-changer for me as a novice floral designer! From understanding the principles of color theory to mastering the art of balancing tones and hues, every aspect of the curriculum was meticulously designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate their color palettes to new heights. I fully recommend this class to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of color theory in floral design and also brush up on the principles/elements of design. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us, Amy!

Abby Chick
The DEEPEST dive on color

What is so thoroughly exciting and compelling about this course is that it examines color theory specifically through the lens of floristry. Flowers are so much more complex than a hex code because of their nature- such as, the tonality caused by variegation found in nature or saturation effects due to maturation of bloom- how going from a dense young bloom to a translucent open petaled flower can affect your entire schema. I am able to now quickly troubleshoot the reason why a combination isn't working or feels off, even when basic color theory tells me it should. It goes so far beyond what is classically taught. This is a course for true artists and will change the way you approach every flower composition going forward.

Rachel, Sweet Root Village
Reenergizing, Revitalizing, Recharging

Absolutely floored by this course. Even with a degree in art and some basic knowledge of color theory, this walkthrough inspired me in all the right ways. Having a color course made specifically for my medium of flowers makes such a difference in translating some of that buried head knowledge into action! It helped to stretch what I already knew and pull it towards a fresher more focused mindset on color that I KNOW will really challenge and test me as I implement what I've learned into continued practice and future client work. Additionally, the format was impactful, having both auditory and visual options, graphs and charts, and heaps of floral imagery to help pull together this topic in a way that is able to be digested! Highly recommend this course for anyone and everyone in any stage of their floral journey.